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National Parks: Open for Business?

Keeping tabs on which National Parks are open, which are still closed, and what to expect

Updated as of 6/18/20.

As more states begin the phased re-opening of business, institutions, and public spaces, more people are itching to get out and travel as safely as possible. Bucket list destinations like America’s National Parks are in the spotlight, but it’s a patchwork of partially open, fully open, closed, and closed to camping statuses. And it can be hard to determine which National Parks are open. We’re keeping our eye on the National Parks and have put together this list of where each park stands to help you if you’re eyeing a trip in the near future. Check back every week for updates. 


Recently, many parks have reopened either fully or on a limited basis. Several of the most popular parks are open but required reservations. Others are open to a limited number of first-come, first-served visitors. The majority of parks are now open to day use. 

As many parks are likely to be crowded as folks begin returning, consider this an opportunity to visit one of the lesser-know National Parks. Capitol Reef, Great Basin, and Lassen Volcano are now open and are criminally underrated parks. You may find more space to social distance there. 

As always, be sure to check park websites for updated info for visitors. 


Now open for Camping: Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Carlsbad Caverns, Denali, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Great Basin, Great Smoky Mountains, Hot Springs, Lassen Volcano, Mammoth Cave, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite. 


Northeast Locations

Acadia: Open but limited to state residents of those who’ve quarantined for 14 days since arrival in the state, camping tentatively scheduled to open July 1.



Hot Springs: Almost fully open, camping allowed

Everglades: Almost completely open now, camping allowed, many amenities now open

Biscayne: Open, no camping, no amenities, no tours, most land activities suspended

Great Smoky Mountains: Open, some camping allowed, amenities open

Congaree: Open, no camping. Phased opening ongoing, with some areas still off limits.

Shenandoah: Some areas open


Southwest Locations


Saguaro: Open, no camping, limited amenities

Petrified Forest: Open, no camping

Grand Canyon: Mostly open, South entrance fully open, North Rim open for day use, campsites slowly expanding availability



Death Valley: Closed

Joshua Tree: Open, family campsites open, amenities limited

Channel Islands: Now open, no camping. Some public boat tours are beginning to open.

Great Basin: Open, many campsites open, amenities open

Carlsbad Caverns: Cavern now open but limited to 550 first-come visitors. Camping allowed. 

Lassen Volcano: Almost fully open now

Pinnacles: Open, campgrounds open to those with reservations, limited number of visitors allowed



Mesa Verde: Almost fully open with camping, though tours and Visitor Center remain closed

Great Sand Dunes: Phased reopening in progress. Campgrounds closed. 

Black Canyon of the Gunnison: Open for hiking on inner-canyon routes, day-use only, North Rim is open for day use only, no camping, no amenities, but lots of driving scenic routes open

Rocky Mountain: Open, camping open, limited amenities. Timed-entry permit or camping reservations necessary to enter


New Mexico:

White Sands: Closed



Big Bend: Currently in first phase of reopening, no camping

Guadalupe Mountains: Closed



Zion: Open, no camping, amenities open. No shuttles

Bryce Canyon: Open, camping allowed, limited amenities

Canyonlands: Open, no camping, first phase of reopening in progress, most roadways and trails open

Capitol Reef: Open, fully open 

Arches: Open to limited number of visitors every day until capacity reached, no camping


Midwest Locations


South Dakota:

Badlands: Open, camping allowed, limited amenities. Visitors centers, entrance fee stations, and South Unit of the park are currently closed.

Wind Cave: Open with some areas closed, no camping, no amenities. No cave tours.



Indiana Dunes:  Almost fully open, camping allowed, status dependent on visitors following correct procedures for the time being


North Dakota:

Theodore Roosevelt: Open, no camping, limited amenities



Cuyahoga Valley: Generally open, but with numerous closures, no camping, limited amenities



Mammoth Cave: Now fully open



Isle Royale: Closed



Voyageurs: Open, limited camping open, limited amenities. No boat tours for the rest of 2020.



Gateway Arch: Arch grounds are open, but Arch itself is closed, no camping, no amenities


Northwest Locations



Redwood: Open, no camping, limited amenities

Sequoia: Closed

Kings Canyon: Open, no camping, no amenities

Yosemite: Open if you have a reservation, campgrounds open to those with reservations, limited amenities



Crater Lake: Open, no camping, but amenities are now open. Hiking trails are open, but boat tours are still off limits. 



Mount Rainier: Open, backcountry camping only, limited amenities

Olympic: Open, no camping, amenities now open

North Cascades: Open, no camping



Glacier: Mostly open, no camping, but plenty of hiking and biking trails are now open

Yellowstone: Open, no camping (but will tentatively open in phase 2), amenities now open



Grand Teton: Almost completely open. No backcountry camping. 

Yellowstone: Open, no camping, no amenities



Glacier Bay: Open, camping allowed if reserved ahead online, no amenities

Katmai: Almost fully open, with limited amenities

Kenai Fjords: Open, camping open, limited amenities

Lake Clark: Open, camping open, no amenities

Wrangell-St. Elias: Only open to specific set of pre-approved people

Denali: Open, camping allowed, limited amenities.

Kobuk Valley: Open, camping allowed, amenities closed

Gates of the Arctic: Open, camping allowed, limited amenities


Other Locations:

American Samoa: Under restrictions

Dry Tortugas: Almost fully open, camping allowed

Hawai’i Volcanoes: Open, no camping, limited amenities. 

Haleakala: Open, no camping, limited amenities

Virgin Islands: Under restrictions