Airstream Basecamp: Room to Spread Out

The Airstream Basecamp experience doesn’t have to start and end at the front door. Or the rear door, for that matter.

Airstream Basecamp - Branch Out

The Basecamp gives you the ability to attach a tent to each door and give yourself even more space. Use it as extra space to hang out or sleep, or as a dry place to store your gear. Altogether, it’s an extra 120 square feet of space.

If you're searching for a some shade, the Basecamp offers a visor for the main door that folds up neatly when you’re ready to get back on the road.

It’s all about taking a small space and maximizing every single square inch, including the outdoors. Flexibility and features are what the Basecamp was designed to offer - and that's exactly what it does.

To learn more about the Basecamp and all it can do, check out the 2018 Airstream Basecamp overview page for a tour. And for an in-depth look at the details and specs – or to share with a friend – download the 2018 Basecamp brochure here.

This is one in a series of blog posts introducing the all-new Airstream Basecamp travel trailer. To learn more about the Basecamp, click the button below to see the full selection.

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