Airstream Basecamp: Packed, but Not Cramped

People are always a little surprised when they discover everything that can fit into the Airstream Basecamp’s floorplan.

It has a built-in a seating area that lets you entertain up to five people, work and eat at two movable tables. And you can convert it all into a bed that spans the back of the trailer and comfortably sleeps two.

The kitchen has everything you need. A cooktop, microwave, sink, and a fridge – and you can look out the panoramic windows while you make a meal and enjoy the stunning scenery your travels have taken you to.

The European-style restroom is designed to get wet (everywhere, not just in the shower and sink) and makes cleanup easy.

All of that is packed into just 16 feet, and comfortably so. The Airstream Basecamp gives you everything you need, and you never have to make compromises to have the trip of a lifetime.

To learn more about the Basecamp and all it can do, check out the 2018 Airstream Basecamp overview page for a tour. And for an in-depth look at the details and specs – or to share with a friend – download the 2018 Basecamp brochure here.

This is one in a series of blog posts introducing the all-new Airstream Basecamp travel trailer. To learn more about the Basecamp, click the button below to see the full selection.

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