Ask an Airstreamer

An Inside Look at Real Airstream Life.

You've probably studied the product brochure, asked all the questions to your Airstream sales associate, and scoured the internet. Add to your deep knowledge and spend time with real Airstream owners who have chosen to #LiveRiveted.

What You'll Learn

Airstream Travel Trailer Hitching

Where the Hitch Meets the Ball

Whether you've been Airstreaming for a few decades or a couple days, there are plenty of learning experiences each time you hit the road. Packing, towing, and backing are some of the things that everybody needs to learn at some point. We think it's important to share experiences and our owner community can help pass along that knowledge.

Airstream and Kayaking

Trip Planning & Resources

Where will we travel? How will we get there? What are the parking rules? How much food do we pack? The list of questions are extensive and overwhelming for even veterans of travel. These questions are all part of what makes Airstreaming fun and our community of owners can help provide tips and tricks that they've learned over the years.

Airstream Couple with Airstream Travel Trailer

The "Why" Behind the Journey

While we know there are a lot of similar reasons why people join the Airstream family, this forum provides a foundation for current owners to share their personal story on why they chose to go with Airstream.

Airstream Basecamp Boondocking

Q&A Session

Leading up to Ask an Airstreamer webinars we gather as much information as possible so we can craft the experience to be as helpful as possible. We also offer the opportunity for all virtual attendees to submit their own questions for the panelists to answer on the spot.

Looking for Answers Right Now?

Find the answers to your top questions in our Knowledge Base

Looking for Answers Right Now?

Find the answers to your top questions in our Knowledge Base



Airstream Basecamp with Andrea Umbach

On April 18, 2020 we held the first Ask an Airstreamer session with Basecamp ambassador, Andrea Umbach. If you were unable to attend or just want to watch again - no problem! In this webinar, Andrea answers popular questions, shares insights she's learned while exploring the Pacific Northwest and beyond over the past few years. Learn all about how she packs, plans, tows, and you definitely won't want to miss her incredible adventure stories.

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Airstream Globetrotter with Jim and Chelsea

The best source of knowledge is experience and Airstream Ambassadors Jim and Chelsea have lots of experience with their Globetrotter. They share lessons learned on their journey from living in Manhattan to life on the road and answer your questions. From why they chose their Airstream to what they’ve learned about packing, towing and backing, this couple is an open book of knowledge.

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